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Example with Ui ToolTip.

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Example form multi page.

Example with HTML5 data-rule validation attribute. Usefull if you want to specify the validation directly on the field. You can find the full list of all HTML5 validation in the jQuery Validation website.
Example of rules:

Example with specific rules of javascript validation (callback validation). You can specifie a callback function for javascript validation and create your own rule of validation (based on the jquery.validate plugin). more infos about specific rules

Example with form hidden and redirection after success submit.

For reCaptcha integration: read the documentation section "reCaptcha integration" to complete the installation.

Example with HTML5 placeholder attribute.

Example with file field required.

Example with file field required with specific rules of validation ( by using HTML5 data-rule-accept attribute ).
In this example the file input accept only (image type).

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